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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Nuclear "Age"

We are all "nuclear", really.  From the sun(fusion), and the rays it emits and sends out our way(going through you right now!! :o), to the uranium, etc. here(since 4.5 billion BC!) in the earth and seas and stuff, and from now, or since around 1942(I think) when scientists(yep, and they're human too! Right? :D) discovered and started the processes of harnessing and developing nuclear energy, it's all been here for like, ever.  But, of course, now that way have had, at least somewhat, "control" of such forces, for the past 70-ish years, and all the good and bad that has come from it all...and, we obviously can't put the "genie back in the bottle", what should we do with it and where do we go from here?  Hey, don't look at me, and besides, I don't even look like a scientist(some of them are kinda cute though :D), but yes, like most of you, I am concerned/worried(some anyway) about things nuclear, and really, in all the ways we generate energy and power for our toasters, Segways and power plants, and maybe, possibly, from this catastrophe and continuing high emergencies at and near those Japanese nuclear reactors, the whole world and it's peoples(yes, even Qaddafy :-/) will, finally, seriously begin debating where we all go from here, energry-wise.  Or, not.  I think we'll have to though eventually, and nuclear power/energy may always be a part of our energy "equation", and maybe "they" (not me, I still can't figure how they get dried corn syrup in my multi-vitamin :-\ ) will eventually figure out a better, safer way to produce such energy(not to mention the waste it produces and what to do with it all(WHEW, a whole other problem!!)), and of course, we("they") need to also continue to work on and improve current "courriers" of energy, and of course continue to invest in and develop more "clean"(solar, wind, squirrels running on belts in cars, etc...clean"er" anyway ;)) (conserving and recycling helps some too!)energy technologies.  Now, of course if the "world ends" sometime this year or next(I read those stories but I never seem to quite believe them...yes I know, possibly at my peril. :-( ), all the concerns about world energy won't mount to a hill of beans.  Except of course to our friends the cockroaches.  So "they" say. ;-)

So anyway, that's about all I know about any of this stuff.  Here's a couple of links that may help with the "basics":  

Me, I'd rather listen to the music:

"over me and over you, stuck together with God's glue,
it's going to get stickier too…."

☮ 'n ♥,

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