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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Women, Past and Present....

Who have touched my life, in every way.  I thank and honor them today, for helping me along the way.  Hopefully I didn't forget anyone, but, it is a long list....and I am thankful, and grateful for the love and friendship of each and every one here.  I'm certain I wouldn't be here celebrating another new year if it wasn't for:

Dena(mom), Harland(grandmother), Nellie(grandmother), Mollie(great-grandmother), Bythie(great aunt), Deborah(sister-in-law), Irene(step-great aunt), Edith(first teacher), Mrs. Brown(3rd grade teacher), Vivian(next-door neighbor), Vida(friends' mom), Helen(cook at our family restaurant), Lisa(friend), Denise(friend), Dutchess(my pet dog), Peggy(7th grade teacher), Connie(friend), Helen(friends' mom), Marie(neighbor), Betty(HS teacher), Mildred(cousin), Ruth(friend), Karen(friend), Betsy(friend), Barbara(friend), Diane(nurse), Helen(friends' grandmother), Gloria(friends' mom), Pat(friends' mom), Kathleen(friend), Cathleen(friend), Beverly(teacher), Brenda(boss), Leslie(friend, co-worker), Donna(friend, co-worker), Juli(friend, co-worker), Cheryl(friend, co-worker), Della(friend, co-worker, roommate), Sonya(friend), Sheryll(friend, co-worker), Pam(friend, co-worker), Tonya(friend, co-worker), Barb(friend, co-worker), Aimee(friend, co-worker), Lorna(friend, co-worker), Betty(friend, girlfriend, lover, wife, love, former spouse, friend), Hannah(former step-daughter), Naomi(former step-daughter), Betty(step-mom), Phyllis(former mother-in-law), Mary Jo(former spouses' brother's wife), Melissa(former spouses' brother's wife), Rachel(friend), Sharon E(friend), Jo(former spouses' boss), Barb(former spouse's co-worker), Sharon(former spouse's co-worker), Vicki(friend),  Darla(friend), Macie(former step-daughters' daughter), Branzley(friend), Patricia(therapist), Eleni(friend, roommate), Laurie(friend), Sarah(friend)........and, Jessica/Raquel(friend), Erin(friend), Jackie(friend), Riz(friend), Adrienne(friend), Jenny(friend), Tina(friend), Lorelei(friend), Racheal(friend), Anna(friend), Miranda(friend), Maria(friend), Eve(friend), Chloe(friend), Allison(friend), Christina(friend), Bridgett(friend), Candy(friend), Tracy(friend), Bobbie Jane(friend), Zoey(friend), Robbi(friend), Deja(friend), Allason(friend), Becky(friend), Lisa(friend), Marla(friend), Rachel(friend), Simone(friend), Kanani(friend), Breanna(friend), Rene'(friend), Diana(friend), Suzanne(friend), Dana(friend), Michelle(friend), Lisa(friend), Lyra(friend), Jala(friend), Cheryl(friend), Kathryn(friend), Brenda(friend), Cami(friend), Rosalyn(friend), Jane(friend), Danee(friend), Samantha(friend), Allie(friend), Aly(friend), Brittany(friend), Calley(friend), Tiana(friend), Julie(friend), Jamie(friend), Jami(friend), Jeny(friend), Michelle H(friend), Kim(friend), Melissa(friend), Rebecca(friend), Tiffany(friend), Sonya(friend), April(friend), Red(friend), Rhonda(friend), Geena(friend), Juli(friend), Jacynthe(friend), Paula(friend), Patty(friend), Carla(friend), Darla(friend), Sky(friend), Shannon R(friend), Shannon T(friend), Anielle(friend), Adara Beth(friend), Tammie(friend), Debbie(friend), Tara(friend), Valentina(friend), Tracey(friend), Wynonna(friend), Vanessa(friend), Valerie(friend), Deidra(friend), Delia(friend), Leilani(friend), Venus(friend), Fran(friend), Felicia(friend), Simone(friend), Jamie Lynn(friend), Deborah(friend), Jennifer(friend), Joanna(friend), Allyson(friend), Amber(friend), Allisa(friend), Annie(friend), Autumn(friend), Marissa(friend), Melissa S(friend), Nichole(friend), Rachel(friend), Sara(friend), Lori Anne(friend), Kathy W(friend), Catherine(friend), Bren(friend), Kris(friend), Chryssa(friend), Kristy(friend), Heather(friend), Dawn(friend), Dani(friend), Lee(friend), Joy(friend), Jennifer M(friend), Kara(friend), Karie(friend), Keri(friend), Karine(friend), Rachelle(friend), Millie(friend), Raven(friend), Stef(friend), Stephanie Y(friend), Tanya(friend), Stefanie(friend), Tiffany T(friend), Serena(friend), Lynne(friend), Lynda(friend), Leesa(friend), Kristi(friend), Laura(friend), Glenda(friend), Kimberly(friend), Karren(friend), J'anel(friend), Holli(friend), CJ(friend), Christianne(friend), Chloe D(friend), Ashley(friend), Amber V(friend), Aelis(friend), Molly(friend), Alexandra(friend), Carol(friend), Rachel S(friend), Bethany(friend), Cathy C(friend), Clair(friend), Cyndi(friend), Cyndy(friend), Erica(friend), Deedee(friend), Dish(friend), Evie(friend), Gretchen(friend), June(friend), Jennifer C(friend), Jenny B(friend), Katie(friend), Karen L(friend), Christianne(friend), Kelly(friend), Teri(friend), Leslie(friend), Sarafina(friend), Michelle M(friend), Mandi(friend), Lynda(friend), Melissa W(friend), Michele M(friend), Nicky(friend), Ronnie(friend), Sammi(friend), Tammy(friend), Terri(friend), Tiana C(friend), Toria(friend), Wendie(friend), Victoria M(friend), Alexandra K(friend), Amber A(friend), Ari(friend), Barbara Ann(friend), Brianna(friend), Kelli(friend), Laura M(friend), Lana(friend), Shannon B(friend), Nina(friend), Simone M(friend), Michelle A(friend), Donna G(friend), Annie D(friend), Christi(friend), Mindy(friend), Christie Lynn(friend), Tyrrell(friend), Sheila(friend), Jamie Lee(friend), Rae(friend), Lisa(friend), Kimi(friend), Dana(friend).......and, Andie(friend, lover, love). 

Thank you ALL!! ♥

Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year, a "Fresh Start", a New Blog, "Rain, Park and Other Things"....

♫ And when I go there...I go there with you, it's all I can dooooo..... ♫

Hello friends!  Well, it's been quite awhile since I've been here in my "Cafe'"....and, I've decided to stop by here more often, and post blogs more often, maybe every day...and, I know, you're pinching yourselves now and looking with eager anticipation to what I have to say...don't get too excited though, I'm not exactly a writer for the Huffington Post...but I do think it's time I keep a more consistent blog, someplace, and after thinking about if for a couple of minutes...oh ok, for a few days now, I've decided to do that here.  I'm on Facebook, MySpace, Pink Essence, URNotAlone and a few other online spots, but I feel this place combines a bit of the best(for me at least) of all those places--I can have friends/followers here, but not in such a "public" way as FB or MSpace, and have a "trans-oriented" blog, but not exclusively rap about those topics....so anyway, I've made my churse and Ima stickin' to it, Pilgrim.  I may change some things on here soon, like my background, colors, etc., and maybe even the name--"Kelli's Deli"?  Maybe. ;-)  I chose "Cafe'", because my dad, family owned a cafe' when I was young, and I feel comfort in keeping that familial connecting going.    I'm kinda excited to be "back" here, and maybe being more consistent in blogging will help keep my "eye on the ball"...maybe I should rephrase that. :-\  

I highly doubt...but then again, maybe I would, but if I didn't have the love and support of friends online, and nowadays, "offline", I probably wouldn't blog.  Maybe I'd write some stuff, and keep them to myself.  But, maybe I can be of some help to someone along the way.  That happened when I was on Yahoo 360, and I KNOW I was inspired on there by many girls, and their stories of courage, perseverance and pride and confidence in themselves helped me to keep moving forward, and they, and many others are a HUGE part of why I'm still on this amazing journey.  Thank you ALL for all you have done for me over the years since I came out to the world...or, at least this small part of the world, and from what I have taken into my heart from you, I want to show that love and caring to others, online and now that I am "full time", to others who want to follow this path too, and also to those who aren't "T", but who support us, and/or want to learn more about us. 

So anyway, thank you for stopping by!  And here's to 2011--May it be your best year yet!!  (HUGS)

~Kelli Nicole, "Proprietor"