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Sunday, January 23, 2011

♫ California Dreamin'(on such a winter's day....) ♫

And that was what I was doing a year ago, back in Illinois....colllldddd, snowy, frigid, dreary Illinois....well, it wasn't all that bad really, but at the same time, I was born and raised there, enjoyed a good family upbringing there, went to school there, had great friends there, worked there, was confused(about gender-related "things") there, for a long time...and, thankfully, finally(well, I think so), "figured all that out" there....and ate, slept, dreamed, got into troubles(not all that much though, heehee), learned to drive there, learned sickness(or how to deal with it) there, learned(though I guess much comes naturally really) to care for my parents there...and, found love, twice, there....and so very much more of course, since that's where I had lived, for practically all of my life, until this past September, when all those "dreams", came true, and now that I'm here, in the Golden State(or is it the Bear State?), I hope to do the best I can to fulfill all those dreams I had about living here.  And yes, I know, any type of successes in my life will come from what I do(with help if needed of course) with my life, and not where I live.  But yet, at the same time, I think that, finally, being here, and living here, will be of some help.  It's hard to explain, exactly, what I mean by that, but I believe that all those dreams I've had "of a better life" out here, have helped, or at least they were one of the reasons I kept going, kept trying to move forward, despite some of the difficulties I've experienced over time.  It may have taken more time to get here than I had originally planned, but I'm here now, and I must make the best of it!  And, thank you all, especially my California-based friends, and family too, for all of your inspiration, support and love. ♥

♫ So baby dry your eyes, save all the tears you've cried....Oh, that's what dreams are made of.... ♫

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