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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Can you imagine....

....being twins, and identical ones at that, and later in life, both becoming Navy pilots, and then both becoming astronauts, and then, both going into space...and, until just recently it looked as though they would both be up there, together...it's too bad that won't happen(how cool those photos would have been when they embraced!), at least not in the near future...but, it's a great story nonetheless, and now, with the added, deeply emotional drama of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly's wife....anyway, I just find this a fascinating story.  And, here's Scott Kelly giving a quick tour of the space station.  And,  a poignant moment.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting away from it all

Dear Friends,

As I sit, alone(my roommate is at work) in this nice, warm home, watching the WAY overly hyped college football "championship" game, played not all that far from the horrific shootings in Tucson on Saturday, I find myself thinking about a lot of things.  SO much on my mind, what with transitioning and doing my best to live "full time", looking for work, searching for new doctors, therapists, etc., and just trying to fit in to this new life at my new home here in Santa Rosa, CA...along with those I care for still that I left behind back in IL....and, not to mention thinking of the tragedy in Arizona, the war in Afghanistan, the potential troubles in the Korea's, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Mexico, anywhere where Mel Gibson is located....and of course, Congress....and you know, sometimes a girl just wants to get away from it all....and what better place than her own personal beach! 

Shell Beach, CA(aka Kelli Cove)
Pretty cool, eh?  I can't tell you yet how I purchased this prime piece of real estate, but let's just say it was a "dream deal"!  An "In your dreams, silly Kelli" deal, but hey, it's nice to dream sometimes, right?  So yeah, yesterday I felt like I needed to go over to the beautiful sea, and see, hear, smell(actually I've lost that sense) touch, but not taste(gross!) the ocean blue, and also sit and think, about life, where I've been(especially these past few years), where I'm at now, and where I plan to go from here on out.  But really, mostly I just spent time enjoying my favorite place in the world...and, what I wouldn't do(or would! ;) ) to live along, near the ocean someplace, but until then I have a LOT of work to do!  And, hopefully the world won't "blow up", or some similar type of "ending of the world" before I leave this planet...that sounds selfish doesn't it?  "Hey everyone, stop your warring and hatreds so Kelli can live her life in peace!"  Hehe, I know, I'm silly(sometimes :p), but anyway I had a nice time over there, and I'm sure I'll return from time to time.  It really does "refresh the mind", but I just wish it was warm, like in Hawaii!(Say, there's an idea! ;-) )  I highly recommend some good and health "beach combing", everyone!  (And next time, I'll head over earlier, there's some cool walking paths around there.)  Don't forget though--Layer!  And "sand proof" shoes! ;-)  Have fun!  ♥