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Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking back, Moving forward

Good morning!  I say that, believing there are other people reading this...and I'm sure that's possible, being that this blog is "public", and although I do hope some friends, and "newbies" stop by once in awhile, and if what I write/type here is of some benefit to someone else, that would be wonderful!  But mainly I decided to get back into "the blogging business" for my own "well being", and now, even though I've published, once in awhile over the past couple of years a few blogs pertaining to my life and what's been going on with me, I do kinda regret not being consistent with doing it.  Maybe I'll post some of those in the next few weeks, but anyway I was thinking about something yesterday, being it's the new year, 2011, a new decade, and just the idea of "time" and "age", and how(as if it wasn't before anyway, doh!) the "clock is ticking", with me, now that I'm just past a half-century on the big blue ball, or, orb(I probably shouldn't use the word "ball" too often, giggles. ;) ), and it's not like I dwell on it, but with all that I plan to do in my life, especially over the next few years, it does make me think about time, and that I don't want to waste it.  Of course, some may call blogging a waste of time...I don't, but, you know, that's how it is.  So, as I was thinking about all of this, I came across this story: Woman among oldest in the world, dies. 
You can just imagine the amazing life she lived, and the stories...well, I hope she kept, or someone close to her kept some type of diary...and, that's pretty much why I am doing this, again, to have at least some type of record of my life, if only for me, that's fine too.  I don't, not yet anyway(whew, I better, if I decide to do such a thing, get on the "____"(rhymes with "doll")!!, have any children, so there's really no one to "pass this down" to, other than friends, which would be nice too of course, but yeah, a spouse/significant other, or a child...but anyway I'm getting WAY ahead of myself, and a bit maudlin. so I'll stop now, and just say--it's a time to reflect, on my past, and try to record it in some way...but it's also time to move forward, and as I believe Capt. Kirk said once: "See what's out there."  I think I will do just that! :-)

Thank you for listening.  Have a lovely day!  Or, night. :-) (Hugs)

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