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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here come da judge!

Last night, another wonderful, and positive step forward was made, for our(transgender) community, and I believe, at least eventually, the nation as a whole, as Judge Victoria Kolakowski, was sworn in as the new Superior Court judge of Alameda County, CA, and the first transgender elected as a trial judge in the U.S.  I mean, YES!!  I'll let the more learned of you out there explain how HUGE this is to others outside of our community....and, although of course, her physical appearance truly doesn't matter, or shouldn't of course, but hey, she looks like, well, like a judge "should" look like, you know.  ;-)  I "wink" there, since, well, there are still many in the country, and the world, who, when they think of, or hear about someone who is transgender, and they picture in their minds the usual stereotypical trans-oriented person(from the MTF perspective at least) know what I mean(sigh)...but she "looks the part" of a typical middle-age woman, who just happens to now hold a very important position in the justice system.  So, I think this is a "win-win", but of course her performance will be the eventual judge(pardon the pun).  Oh, and btw, I was there, where the ceremony was held...but darn the luck(and also my misjudging(hehe) of time, sigh), I missed the actual swearing in(while swearing at myself), but that's okay, what's important is what happened there, and I wish Judge Kolokowski ALL the best!!  And, she'll be another person of "T", who should inspire me(I mean, "Helloooo Kelli!!") to do better long as I can keep order in my own courtroom("head") in tact.  Tall order there(well, I am tall!). ;-)

I hope it's okay, being that the subject of this blog is, well, quite serious and profound, that I also add a few sprinkles of levity...I tend to do that a bit too much in my life, but it's one of the things that's helped keep me "sane", whatever that means.  Anyway, since I titled this blog "Here Come da Judge", it made me, of course, think of that phrase, when I first heard it...and, as time usually does(for me at least), I had thought that Flip Wilson had, at least first, made that a popular phrase on television back in the late '60's/early '70's, but it was actually Sammy Davis, Jr., appearing on Laugh-In....and, then, after a bit of sleuthin', I read that Dewey "Pigmeat" Markham originated that phrase, and, Mr. Markham later appeared on that program...though I haven't found any video of him doing that phrase on there, I did find this lil snippet from "L-I", that show was wacky, I still miss it!  And, here's the amazing Flip Wilson, in a classic "Geraldine" skit, with the uber cute(though banged up--that guy really paid the price over the years from his football career, among thousands of others....and of which I believe is part of the upcoming NFL "showdown" with the owners and players) Joe Willie...and if there is a "crossdresser hall-of-fame", Flip better have been one of the first inductees! ;)  Oh, and here is one more "judge related" video, I've rarely seen original Stooges shorts in color, very cool!

So anyway, until my next "session"....please behave everyone...and don't judge a girl by her cover. .  It's not nice! ☺

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