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Sunday, January 2, 2011

♫ I can drive for miles and miles and miles and.... ♫

Okay, so I began 2011 on the road...well, not literally, but I was driving my car to a party, but by the time I arrived, no one was there...maybe they didn't have it in the first place, but that's alright.  I spent a lot of time in my car in 2010.  I had moved in with my boyfriend(and sometimes, girlfriend--she's TG, but likes her guy side more--it's complicated, she's complicated, I'M complicated, our relationship....but overall it was wonderful, and in some ways, even though we don't live together anymore, is still pretty strong....well, not as strong as before...like I said it's complicated, but a good kinda complicated! :D) just a couple of weeks before, after selling our(my former spouses' and mine) home(another "complicated" story, maybe for another blogeth), and his home is located about 72 miles from where I was employed, back in my home town, and I still planned to work there for awhile, so I commuted, for about 5 months(until I moved out--yes, another complicated story--well, not to me though :D), and I believe I put around 15-16K on the old jalopy(it had 170K when I started doing the commute), which I believe meant around 225 or so hours sitting in the car, groovin' to tunes, munching on snacks, texting of course(no no, not really...well maybe once :-p), excetera, exceteraaaa.  And, after moving back to my home area, with a friend from work, who lived only 10 miles from the factory, that put a few more miles over the next couple of months.  And, almost every weekend I drove back up to my b/f's place.  Then, in September, I loaded up the "Ferrari" andI moved to the magic kingdom of California...no cement pond where I live though, what's up with that??....and that put on about 3K more--now it has 204K, a first for me!  Something odd has happened lately though--every time it rains, somehow/somewhere(I haven't been able to find where yet), water is getting inside, and mostly into the wheel well(it's a hatchback/station wagon--yep, the only Ferrari made that way :D), and when I returned from a recent 2 week vacation, with a friend(in her car), the well was full, yay! :-(  Yeah, another complicated story, sigh.  So, anyway, that old car and I spent a lot of time together in 2010.  Or, that old woman and that old car...okay, I'm not that old, but I am now living in an 'adult'/retirement community(yep, another "c" story! ;) )...weird seeing people drive golf carts on public(within the community) streets, but it's cool, and my wonderful new roommate is very cool too!  She's not actually retired, she works part-time as a caregiver, in that person's home(something I believe I could do, for awhile anyway), but ever since arriving here, she's called her home, "our" home, and she's made me feel welcome, not only in that way, but also in that she accepts "me", for who I am and with all the changes I plan on making to make myself "whole".  Ooops, I guess I got a bit off point there, but yeah, now that I'm out here, I'm putting more miles on da car.  Maybe with the new year, new decade, it's time to get a "new" car?  I hope so...yeah, I'll miss it, lots of good memories there, especially with my former spouse(NOT for another blog, some things need to stay private! ;) ), and also a connection with my dad.  I can see the car outside the living room window here now...and, it's gonna rain some more today, oh nooooo!!  Looks like another shop-vac moment. :-\  At least the tape player(I'm old skool ;) ) still works!


I used to blog, semi-often, on Yahoo 360, and I had fun times there with that, and even more from reading other girls' blogs, and making friends there(some whom I've now met in RE-ull life! :-) )  Maybe that will also work out here, as I get back on the blog-wagon.  I haven't blogged much over the past couple of years.  It wasn't the best of times, especially earlier then, and I guess I just didn't want to type out what was going on then(out of type, out of mind?)...but now, I kinda regret not keeping a journal of some kind, at least on a consistent basis.  But hey, I survived, I'm still standing( ♫ ...better than I ever did... ♫ ), and now with the new year, and, in many ways, a new life, to live and to embrace, I think it's best I keep some type of record about my life, if only for my own benefit.  If others want to know what's going on with me, that's great, I welcome you!  And really, for me anyway, I do really need others, not only because friends and friendships are what they are, but I do know that I wouldn't be here typing this, if I hadn't had the friends I've had ever since coming out to the world, first online, and now everywhere.  I thank YOU, for helping me be ME, and still be around to be me.  That's not very complicated. :-)

P.S.:  This blog page is a work in progress, and I'm not, yet, very adept with all the watchamacallits and thingamabobs with posting pages here, so please bare with me.  Yeah, it's kinda complicated. ;-)

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